Print Management

The key to stress free print buying

The aim of our Print Management service is to provide high quality print, add value while reducing costs.

Here at CreativEdge, through our vast experience in Litho, Screen and Digital print we offer our clients a fantastic service in print management. Through continual review of the printing industry and our preferred supplier list, we deliver high quality print using the latest printing techniques at competitive market prices.

Through our understanding of all print processes we know which type of print house to use in order to deliver the best print at the best price.

What differentiates us from other print management companies is that we understand graphic design, which is an essential aspect of the print process. Combining this with our understanding in print and print management, we deliver the perfect solution every time.

How does our print management process work?

As is everything in life, if you know and understand what you are doing you will always deliver the right results:

We filter out the good suppliers from the bad

We are always very careful when selecting the right print house for each print run. Over the years we have built up strong relationships with our preferred supplies providing CreativEdge with considerable discount for our clients. We also ensure our preferred supplier list does not include any ‘suspect’ printers. The result is hassle-free and affordable printing

We assess the artwork setup and print requirements

Looking at all printing techniques (litho, screen and digital), we will select the right print house for the job according to:

- Artwork make up
- Artwork dimensions
- Colour requirements
- Size of print run
- Type of substrate / material